Books and Films We Recommend

There are a wide variety of books and films addressing Interdependence and Connectivity, as well as the difference we make in the world.

Here is just a short list of many of these and we encourage you to keep returning to this resource, as it will continue to grow. We also invite you to contact us with more references to add to this evolving assemblage.


Connected N.Christakis and J.Fowler Link
Linked Laszlo Barabasi Link
Bursts Laszlo Barabasi Link
Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory Joanna Macy Link
Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell Link
The Bond Lynn McTaggart Link
The Theory of Everything Ken Wilber Link


I AM, the documentary Tom Shadyac Link
Connected Tiffany Shlain Link
Connections James Burke Link
Pi Darren Aronofsky Link
What the Bleep William Arntz & Co. Link
The Story of Stuff Annie Leonard Link
The Story of the Universe Brian Swimme Link
Quantum Activist Dr. Amit Goswami Link